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“In the Ladies’ Room with Dr. Donnica” is the only public ladies' room you can enter any time without ever waiting on line! Hosted by women’s health expert and media commentator Donnica Moore MD, the podcast will feature real conversations, with real women, about really intimate issues. They may be embarrassing, sad or funny, but they will always be
interesting & informative. You know, like the best conversations you've ever had in ladies' rooms with your best friends. . .or total strangers. . .and a physician!

With a wide variety of guests with “been there, done that” expertise, Dr. Donnica discusses the health and wellness topics women often talk with her about in the ladies’ room. . . after speaking engagements, media
briefings, at events, or just because they happen to be chatting anonymously while waiting on line or over the sink. Generally, these topics tend to be things that are embarrassing; issues Dr. Donnica calls “the Toilet Talk topics” (anything related to bowel or bladder issues, gas, bodily functions, periods, discharges, etc.); questions related to sex and intimacy; subjects women are uncomfortable discussing in public or in “mixed company”; challenges women are struggling with; or anything top of mind or in the news. In each topic, we add our Top Tips about that topic as well as a call to action.

Sep 28, 2020

Candice is an Anesthesiologist/Pain Physician and musician from Los Angeles. Her passions from making quality music and spreading joy through live performance, writing, producing, and singing started during her childhood when she said she wanted to be a doctor and a musician when she grew up. After completing her medical education, she began studying piano, which led to her passion for R&B and jazz. Her nickname is KeyBoard Doc, which pays homage to her transition from being a physician to a musician, writer, and producer. Candice and her husband Keith are the co-founders of Backstage Consultants - a company that offers full-service live music support, in-person and virtual instruction in piano and drums, and support organizations wishing to improve the administration of their music departments.


She talks about her experience of feeling like an “other” often being the only woman in her classrooms. She was able to spin that experience into a positive for herself by learning about many other cultures as she was constantly surrounded by people different than herself. But she still faced discrimination when people constantly asked her to prove that she belonged in medical school. After working as a physician, she realized how much stress she was under. When she turned to music, she was able to find so much creative energy that was waiting for her. She made the hard decision to turn down having a steady income to trusting that if she jumped into the music world, she would find her footing.